Meta-analysis of GWA studies provides new insights on the genetic architecture of skin pigmentation in recently admixed populations

Autores: Frida Lona-Durazo, Natalia Hernandez-Pacheco, Shaohua Fan, Tongwu Zhang, Jiyeon Choi, Michael A. Kovacs, Stacie K. Loftus, Phuong Le, Melissa Edwards, Cesar A. Fortes-Lima, Celeste Eng, Scott Huntsman, Donglei Hu, Enrique Javier Gómez-Cabezas, Lilia Caridad Marín-Padrón, Jonas Grauholm, Ole Mors, Esteban G. Burchard, Heather L. Norton, William J. Pavan, Kevin M. Brown, Sarah Tishkoff, Maria Pino-Yanes, Sandra Beleza, Beatriz Marcheco-Teruel and Esteban J. Parra.

Association studies in recently admixed populations are extremely useful to identify the genetic architecture of pigmentation, due to their high genotypic and phenotypic variation. However, to date only four Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) have been carried out in these populations.